Downsizing your life

It’s time to downsize. I was listening to the actor from Breaking Bad talk about clutter. He attributes clutter to economic status – he grew up poorer then he is now, but he’s learned to let go of things. It’s true that I have a lot of stuff. One friend came over and started looking […]

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Currently without Company

It’s sort of weird when people ask me where I work. I feel like the character Robin Scherbatsky, in How I Met Your Mother, who struggles with her identity as a Canadian living in America. After feeling like a woman with no country…, the LA Times reports on the episode, Robin decides to become a woman […]

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Avoiding Imposter

Here’s an ah-ha after 40. I’ve realized that I can avoid feeling like an imposter in any job, by being truthful (well, brutally honest) about my desires and skills. In sales, it’s common to magnify the truth. Even if I do not have exact experience, I let my false confidence assure HR that I am […]

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Stupid-Simple Epiphanies

After a kickoff meeting with a startup client today, I realized something about my past that seems almost stupidly obvious now. I was uncomfortable in a previous agency job because the company’s brand personality was so different than my personality.   Every time I was selling (or attempting to sell) our services, I was faced […]

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Ready. Aim. Assault or Fire

A friend of mine exclaimed her shock when I’d shared my recent story about being let go with no warning. “Oh my gosh that’s as bad as being assaulted! It’s something that catches you so off guard and you can’t do anything about it. Like a punch in the gut”. Whoa – I’d never thought […]

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Is Branding that Easy?

I just had a conversation with my colleagues about brand development, and we are in the throes of defining who we are, what we stand for, and what we are offering to our community. This is not an easy task, especially when doing it for yourself. However, I made a statement that “branding is so […]

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