Holding up the Mirror

Are you good when receiving constructive criticism, or do you get really really really angry? Or hurt? Or both, and it depends on the timing or delivery? I grew up in a fairly blunt environment. I didn’t learn to self-edit before blurting out what was top of mind. And, in my reckless youth, I was […]

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Eggs in One Basket

This theme is appropriate given it’s springtime. It’s also timely considering I’ve been struggling with the interviews, sneaking around my current employer, deciding if I want to focus on one company at a time or if I really want to diversify in order to expedite my departure. So I’ve been talking to folks on the […]

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Interview, Round 2

What types of things happen during the second interview? Do you feel prepared when you are called back? Are you anxious or dreading the event? Although not very typical for me to be nervous for interviews, I was quite nervous all day. I felt like I usually do during race day. I’m not sure, honestly, […]

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