A Brief Guide to Being Human

Do you need a starting point, a light karate kick or gentle 3-Stooges smack in your journey toward positive change?

The Brief Guide to Being Human in a Messy World is a personal guide to kickstarting positive change in your community.


This book outlines ideas we believe are critical to being human, and actions to explore them individually or in your community. All with this philosophy:

First be Human. Then be Superhuman.
As Covert Leadership agents, we give a sh*t about community coming together in its myriad forms. Genetic mutations and all.

Where to find it…


7405 Greenwood Ave. N
Seattle, WA 98103



About the Agents

We have been covert for 5 years, so it’s a little hard to share every little thing about us, but first and foremost, we are human, imperfections and all, and we care about humanity. This project was born out of a burning desire to unite our communities and inspire change.

Here’s what we will tell you:  AgentS1 and AgentM1 have been doing this for a while – mostly developing curriculum and facilitating workshops in self awareness; identity tied to leadership, presentation and facilitation; empathy; curiosity; and creativity.
  • Agent S1 is co-founder, uses her skis all year long, and is an entrepreneur, partner, and parent.
  • Agent M1 is co-founder, likes the color orange and is addicted to nature and chocolate. Not necessarily in that order. She’s a mom, wife, and leadership maven.
  • Agent J1 is our editor, consumes knowledge through books and art, and has more energy in her middle finger than Agents S1 and M1 put together. She is a mom-on-the-go and resident artist.


Feedback? Ideas for the next version?

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