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Hi. My name is Made You Look! and I’m a covert leadership agent.
Our motto is simple:


Get “unstuck” and don’t let the grind get in the way of your happiness.


Easier said than done, right? Especially when you’re trying to go it alone.

That’s why we’re here. Covert Leadership’s combination of workshops, reminders and community support can catalyze positive change in your life.

The goal is to help you identify your dreams, what’s holding you back, and the steps you need to take to achieve your own success.

Why not join us in our journey as we make positive, meaningful change in our own lives? You can follow along in our blog, where we share our triumphs and mistakes, our insights and lessons learned, and try to find the humor in it all.


Need a little inspiration to help get “unstuck” in your life or career?

Join Covert Leadership agents and colleagues in workshops to define your success and kickstart your plans.