What is Covert Leadership?

What is Covert Leadership?

Covert Leadership can help you create positive change as an inspiring leader, whether you consider yourself one, or not. Our approach is grassroots and starts with the individual. By focusing on two words: Being Human, we can activate change agents in a community or within an organization.

Nobody is perfect. Even traditional leaders “at the top” are flawed. Of course they are, they’re only human! Instead of striving to become a perfect leader, we suggest embracing your own humanity, messiness and all, to first know yourself, then influence those around you.

Consider us your personal kickstarter for making change. Our tools and support are based on our experience in design, organizational development, and personal coaching that cement mindset shifts and migrate into your life.

We hope to inspire leaders and agents of change to define and sustain personal success. To go from coping to finding what makes you sing, from sorrow to laughing out loud.

It’s about Being Human. Our journey. Our identity. Our culture. Our society.


Our Tenets

  1. COVERT: we don’t have to be in the spotlight to create change.
  2. LEAD: we are leaders every day.
  3. ZAG: our journey is never a straight line.
  4. CRITIQUE: we break down problems and examine all the pieces.
  5. COMMUNITY: reunification is our compass toward positive change.


Our Manifesto

We are all leaders, but sometimes we just need a little guidance, a friendly nudge, or a bit of humor. We can be your daily dose, helping you get through your week.

We are your peer group. If you feel alone as a lead character in your own life or a leader at work, and rely on a coach or therapist as your confidante, you can also find comraderie in our “covert” community of confidantes and allies.

We are your sounding board. Imagine a scenario where you are about to respond to an email that came at you with inappropriate or vicious remarks from a friend, stranger, boss, employee or peer, and need advice for handling the situation.

We are your checks and balances. We help you to create accountability, through our missions and daily reminders, asking you to share how you handled a sticky situation. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to change your style, your delivery, and execute leadership right then and there during your moment of truth.

We are your outlet. When you need to write that too-honest letter, we offer a place to share your unplugged emotions and experiences.

We hope you listen and encourage you to join in the conversation.