Daily Reminders To Step Up Your Game: Covert Leadership Bootcamp Training and Missions

Covert Leadership daily reminders can help you become unstuck, get out of your rut, and be deliberate about making change and bringing people together. We like to think of it as gluing your collective peeps together. (Not literally, of course).

Your journey to lead won’t be a straight line, but for those who want more linear steps and weekly routines, we’ll post them here and update monthly, as a part of your newbie bootcamp training. Just like bootcamp, commitment to routine; discipline; high reps; and being close-to-home can all make new behavior habit forming. Now be kind. Kick ass. Coverand out.

Mission Monday:

Are you focused on your destination? Remember to be kind along the way. 

It’s easy to get so focused on where we want to be, we get impatient along the way. If you stop for a moment to think about the destination of your life, it’s to complete your life until the very end. In reality, our journey IS our destination. So be kind along the way!

Mission Tuesday:

Combat depression with kindness AND humor.

There are probably more ways to consider working through your catatonic state. We recommend small acts of kindness to start. And hopefully those endorphins will kick in. Maybe exercise can help. Definitely large doses of humor. Read the funnies. Watch your favorite stand up comedians or comedy shows. Hang out with your funny friends. Whatever it takes!

Mission Wednesday:

Defy living in a clone culture.

We love conforming to societal norms. In fact, we think about conforming every day because we are expected to end up in the same place in life – success equates to a good paying job, a family, a house in a decent neighborhood, etc. If you are an outlier and this sounds boring, good for you. And we encourage you to be proudly different and sharing your diverse thinking in ways that may contribute even more to society.

Mission Thursday:

Choose to let go of whatever holds you back.

Fear can be the number one culprit that holds us back. So we skirt an issue. We talk around in circles and gently nudge the idea without sharply getting to the point. Risk is what we do every single day when we get up and out of bed.  We take risk when we take on life. So why not take it many steps further and let go our fears, our baggage, our smug beliefs that we’ve been there, done that?

Mission Friday:

Strive for imperfection! (We are keeping this one every week. It’s our new mantra!)

We are told we need to be perfect, look perfect and have the perfect partner, job, income, etc. Well, even if we wanted to, perfection becomes a moving target and is translated into “more”. So stop with the perfection already and strive to be imperfect, human, messy, flawed and an all around likable person because of it! You’ll be more open to growth and curiosity – which can lead to being a more productive citizen!

*Please share questions, new ideas and let us know how you did for the week. Remember this weekly planner is meant to be repeated for four weeks before we start the new bootcamp routine. Ready to get regular missions from us via email? Opt in here.