#RPCL Log Date June 11, 2017: #BeingHuman #ComputerMentality #BehindTheWheel

I’ve decided that people lash out behind their devices as if they are behind the wheel of their car. If you are looking at an LED screen, chances are you feel invincible and say whatever you like. So lashing out in anger is too easy. There is very little culpability. Everyone is made of titanium. But guess what, we are human and even the toughest guys have fears and pain. So the anger wall is not made of titanium or even teflon. It’s made of swirl that eventually dissipates (and festers).

So why not go higher, and stop finding and being the negative voice?

You probably have your mea culpa when trolling websites or sending emails. Did you just let your bad energy impact someone else and ruin their day? Does that make you feel better? Did someone deserve it?

Your mission, if you choose to accept it: Own your mistakes and declare your mea culpas when sending emails or commenting on social media. Stop being a troll behind the computer. #notbehindthewheel #meaculpa #dontbeatroll

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