Superhuman Log Date January 12, 2018 #beinghuman #beingsuperhuman #sympathy #letsympathybeyourguide

I do my best crying in the shower. Today I didn’t make it to the shower. I was reading a text about a canceled meeting and taking a bite of a piece of bread with banana mashed on top when it hit me.

I wanted to swallow back my tears but I heard myself say “feel your feelings”. So it didn’t last long, but I allowed myself to wallow and cry. Today I let sympathy be my guide.

It’s hard to be confronted with the hopeless feeling that our titanic hit its iceberg… and now I’m left to get it out of harms way. That metaphor may sound pretty bad. And so it is in some ways. But we all know that we can be resourceful and creative and figure things out. So we will.

I share this because I am journeying through this crazy world just like the rest of humanity. And it’s not as easy as your favorite happy t.v. show makes it look (unless you watch dystopia then… maybe!).

So on your journey to empowerment, there is always a time to exercise sympathy, even for yourself.

Your mission to achieve Superhumanness: Let sympathy be your guide today.

Be kind along the way and remember, you got this!

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