#RPCL Log Date January 1, 2017: #BeingHuman #Renewal #BeingaBetterHuman

It’s New Year’s Day. I woke up to snoring. I drew the curtains to see a brand new layer of snow on the ski trails. We are in a cabin on the mountain. The pristine layer of fluffy white snow feels like a call to pledge our renewal of hope in 2017.

This year I have renewed the following commitments to myself:

I will forgive myself for being so unforgivably angry at humanity.

I will be positive for the sake of my own damn sanity and for the sake of my family.

I will be kind whenever feasibly possible and even when it feels easier not to be.

I will be emboldened to defend humanity at whatever cost to my stress levels.

I will give a shit.

Join me as we think about what revolution means. And instead of thinking in terms of such divisive words like “revolution” or “resist,” I encourage you to join the Covert Leadership Reunification Project. It’s time we find common ground– where we do not only see the glaring divide between us. Let’s reunite. Tweet, Instagram or FB #Reunificationproject #covertleadership #beingabetterhuman if you are with me.


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  1. Sara myhre January 19, 2017 at 6:37 pm #

    Yes please!

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