Compassionate Community

Sometimes it can be really depressing to walk out of a grocery store and look into the eyes of someone who is starving and holding up a sign. That emotional story lingers for a long time.  I want to scream at how unfair life is, or hide in shame from wanting to buy the excessive […]

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Managing with Care

There is a fine balance between caring too much and caring just enough. I sometimes land in the former camp. I think at least a few of us (Agents) probably complement each other in this area where one agent can play one side, while one of us plays the other. It’s a yin/yang mechanism, and […]

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Hiding Behind Your Title

I met with a friend over coffee and brought her by Company X to meet a few co-workers. Out of courtesy, she asked two of my colleagues what they each did at our company. Marci answered by saying, “I do day to day widget management”, describing what she was actually doing without giving out her […]

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Culture of Reward

Do you want to change your career, but you aren’t really sure what to do next? Or maybe you have been presented with a Force Majeure (well, not really an act of God. Maybe an act of Wall Street?) and you have no choice, but you are still uncertain as to what you feel capable […]

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Efficiency is Killing Me

I value my time a lot. Part of this may be due the fact that I run a business and I must be efficient to be profitable. But I believe most of it is just my nature. So, I was (to put it mildly) extremely annoyed the other day when I was standing in the […]

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Drawing a Line in the Sand

At what point are you crossing the line between professional roles? Between taking care of you vs your co-worker or boss? I think I cross the line over and over again.  I continue on with the best intentions, never mind the backlash, fatigue or general suffering. If you’ve followed the course of my exit plan, […]

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The Exit Speech (to my boss)

One thing I’ve learned about myself. I have to decide my message, and stay on message. If I get sloppy and deviate, I pay for it later. My head and heart take over, and suddenly I’m blurting out things I can’t believe keep flowing from my mouth like water. And then… oops. What was I […]

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