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#RPCL Log Date Aug 16, 2017#BeingHuman #NeverStopTrying #EnjoyLife

There are days when I feel like I simply cannot accomplish anything. And then there are those when I cross off so many things from my list, that my head whirls from excitement. Thankfully today was one of the latter. Because I am so generally bad at celebrating the little victories, after getting done with my last task I decided to […]

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#RPCL Log Date Aug 10, 2017 #BeingHuman #expressyourfeelingsproductively #selfmanageemotions

  Your mission, if you choose to accept it: Take time to express your feelings in a productive way. Is it gratitude? Love? Self-doubt? Fear?  The more we can self-manage our emotions, the more we can evolve as human beings. Love, hate, anger, jealousy, fear… all human. But why turn someone else’s perfectly good day in a […]

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