#RPCL Log Date April 18, 2017: #BeingHuman #Don’tBeSelectivelyGenerous #BeBroadlyGenerous

Being selectively generous, is not being generous. I can’t tell you how annoyed I get when someone tells me they follow a book (aka the Bible) as if it exonerates judgmental behavior. Somehow this book tells them that they are better than others, and therefore they look down upon others as if they don’t have a right to plant their feet on the same earth.

It’s ironic that some of my most generously spirited friends and community don’t live by this book. They live by a code of human behavior that says all  human beings are equal and have the same rights to thrive as everyone and anyone else. And still, they are Jewish or Christian or Buddist or agnostic or…

Your mission, if you choose to accept it: Don’t be selectively generous – it’s not being generous. If you are generous, be broadly generous. You can’t pick and choose whom you will be kind to and call yourself a generous human being.

Be kind. Be safe. Be appropriate. Now go!

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