#RPCL Log Date Aug 13, 2017 #BeingHuman #ExperiencingClosureFully

The other day I was getting waxed (yes, that’s a very human thing to do) and my aesthetician was asking if I got the closure I needed at a recent memorial.

Truthfully, I haven’t. I told her that, I’m only now realizing why. I haven’t actually made time to mourn. And maybe that’s why I am still processing our loss.

I suppose the other factor is that she was too young. Too many good years left to go so soon.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it: Experience closure fully. Allow yourself to mourn the losses in your life. Is it family? A friend? A break up? A job? A luxury you can no longer afford (speaking from experience, I had to mourn that one, too).

Be kind. Be safe. Be appropriate. Now go!

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