Superhuman Log Date February 7, 2018 #beinghuman #beingsuperhuman #breathe #exhale #gamefaceon #attitude

One of the toughest parts about parenting is managing appearances when you’ve had a shitty day. My default might be to get cranky, so I have to intentionally breathe through my angst and put my game face on. If you are a parent, or if you’ve cared for kids, you know it’s not easy. In fact, it’s never easy under any circumstance.

But just as we have to put on our good attitude when we go into work after a crappy morning, it’s even more important not to  dwell on the negativity and spread the bad energy to the point where your sad emotions own you.

Your mission to achieve Superhumanness: Breathe through your stress. Face it head on, but don’t linger. Get your game face on, lift up your attitude and remember, this too shall pass. #breathe #exhale #gamefaceon #attitude


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