Superhuman Log Date February 8, 2018 #beinghuman #beingsuperhuman #takecharge #don’tletyourangerownyou #simmerdown #bekind 

More than ever, we need to get a handle on how we show up in this world. It’s bad enough that freedom of speech has turned into freedom of lies and deceit, with high doses of brainwashing from extremists.

I boil when I think about the idealogical and uneducated crazy that exists in this world.

But then I look to the innocent faces of the children in this world and realize, we need to stop reacting and start acting for the sake of our future.

Your mission to achieve Superhumanness: Don’t let your anger own you. Be in charge of the good you want to create in this world. Make it happen.

Be kind along the journey and remember, you got this!

#takecharge #don’tletyourangerownyou #simmerdown #bekind


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