Superhuman Log Date January 4, 2018 #beinghuman #beingsuperhuman #ConfrontYourFeelings

It’s easy to take care of others needs without putting too much thought into our own. But there is something to be said for donning that armor, our last mission, and now looking in the mirror square on. Do you like what you see? If not, why? Maybe it’s time to get more curious about you. Why are you hurting? Struggling? Fearful? Insecure? Or conversely, why do you think you know everything? Why aren’t you more open to others? Why do you feel you are the one ordained to achieve the goal alone?

Your mission to achieve Superhumanness:┬áConfront your feelings square on. Listen closely. What are they telling you? Don’t run away from who you really are, and who you aspire to become.

Be kind along the journey and remember, you got this.

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