Superhuman Log Date January 5, 2018 #beinghuman #beingsuperhuman #selfcare #emotionaljourney

Perhaps it comes with age, but I have experienced and watched others experience some major loss in 2017 leading into 2018. As one client put it when explaining a recent rejection:

“It’s as if I was standing at the ferry dock and the ferry left without me. And there was no schedule for the next one.”

I guess in a sense, I feel the same. When death occurs, or theft, a job change, any type of rejection, friendship break up, partnership separation, marital divorce – we have to mourn what we have lost before we can fully embrace the next chapter. At some point we may be able to juggle loss with transition, but not before completely feeling our feelings. And this is not to say the feelings of loss just end with a snap of the fingers. I still dream about my college soulmate who died over six months ago. I imagine my feelings of loss will linger for some time, and recur when I experience more loss.

Your mission to achieve Superhumanness: Start with self care. Acknowledge your feelings and emotions when they get out of hand, and find what centers you. Whether it’s fear, loss, change, losing control – get to them and get some support so you can be the hero you need to be for others.

Be kind along the journey and remember, you got this.

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