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How many times have you personally experienced friends splitting up? And suddenly you are stuck choosing sides. It’s not as uncommon as we’d like to think and it’s frankly even painful for the innocent bystanders who now have to either listen to both sides or choose to hear one side. It can be a drag on our psyche.

The hardest part about it all… is that maybe you want to lend a sympathetic ear, yet you’d rather employ apathy; shut down  all emotions; and postpone any decisions about sides. I picture my daughters plugging their ears, closing their eyes and humming when a spooky commercial comes up!  I totally get how they feel.

And so, how do we choose sides? As mentioned in my last post, it’s important to have different sides or views. There is no way to manage a message to have just one authentic side (it’s possible in a contrived sense, of course)  because of how humans respond and internalize their side of a story. It’s what makes us unique in the first place – creating and owning our own narratives.

So don’t worry too much about which side is right. Go with the idea that all sides have truth, have a right to their pain, and try to be there for the friends that truly matter. Life is too short.

Your mission to achieving Superhumanness: See the truth in every side of a story.  Hear all sides to deduce your side of the story and make it yours. Own your narrative.

Be kind along the way and remember, you got this.


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