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On the journey to empowerment, we’ve covered what it means to take care of yourself. So what about how we respond to others’ emotions, when we cannot possibly control those around us, yet they can greatly impact ours?

Empathy is a buzzword these days. I say that because, while I truly believe in it, it’s misunderstood. Chances are if you cry a lot at movies, it’s sympathy – where you are imparting your personal fears and emotions onto someone else’s story. And then there is apathy where you’ve just seen so much suffering you become numb.

Empathy is less emotional – more non judgmental, with a clear understanding as to why.I’m not saying you don’t shed a tear, it’s just a different type of approach. Not one of heartfelt loss for the other person, for instance. Empathy can be a place of empowerment, and a steady plank from which to make your next move. I believe it’s why empathy is so important in leadership. You can truly see all the decisions to be made, but fear is not deadening logic and rational decision making.

Recently I’ve had to self-manage a major loss – one with someone who is going through something not very easy to define. And so she’s asking me to be silent about what she’s experiencing, even though I am suffering from the loss as much as she. In fact, in some ways it’s worse to get hit on the head at the worst possible time in your life and have no time to process, then it is to be processing for months – or am I being apathetic now?!

Whatever the case, here’s a tip. Always remember that someone else’s story becomes your story when it directly impacts you. It’s equally important to find ways to process it – not hold it in. The fastest way to break down into a million little pieces is to hold everything in.

Your mission to achieve Superhumanness: Release your pain into the wind. And maybe try to practice using and balancing empathy, sympathy and yes, even apathy (by using less of the latter).

Be kind along the way and remember, you got this.

#beinghuman #beingsuperhuman #yougotthis #armorup #empathy #sympathy #apathy #releaseyourpain #intothewind

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