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Is the media liberal or conservative? It’s both. Both, both, both. Seriously. We read what we want to read, and we follow the stories that align with our values.  think the lack of trust for one side or the other has created utter chaos for news outlets. And now that Fake News suppliers can make a lot of money, there is more incentive to sensationalize with FB or Twitter as mainstream distribution.

Personally, I prefer to watch clips of John Olivier, Stephen Colbert or SNL so I can laugh and cry at the insanity of it all simultaneously.

In an interview recently, I heard Bernie Sanders reveal a statement made by the CEO of CNN. He stated that Trump was not good for this country, but he was good for CNN’s pocket books.  To them, money mattered more. Not sure that was a liberal move for those who believe CNN is so liberal. Money trumped democratic values. Pun intended.

Frankly, for most of the storytelling, Trump was making news outlets too much money to shift away from the theatre of his campaign and his tweets.

So hopefully we can go back to true journalism. This election will jolt us back to a more hopeful reality where traditional and authentic journalism can reinvent itself.

Money should NOT control our destiny.


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