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Superhuman Log Date January 8, 2018 #beinghuman #beingsuperhuman #yougotthis #armorup #empathy #sympathy #apathy #releaseyourpain #intothewind

On the journey to empowerment, we’ve covered what it means to take care of yourself. So what about how we respond to others’ emotions, when we cannot possibly control those around us, yet they can greatly impact ours? Empathy is a buzzword these days. I say that because, while I truly believe in it, it’s misunderstood. […]

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Superhuman Log Date January 3, 2018 #beinghuman #beingsuperhuman #armorup

I received some news recently that, although not entirely surprising, still stunned and saddened me. So I had this inner struggle. So you knew it was coming. Yeah but this is game-changing.  C’mon, be resilient. You can do this.  Now what? Nothing comes easy. Life doesn’t happen without loss or defeat. So what’s new? Your mission to […]

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#RPCL Log Date December 31, 2017 #beinghuman #achievesuperhumanness #superhumanness #2018 #BeInspired #betterhumanbetterleader

Here’s a year in review for what we’ve accomplished and what’s next for Covert Leadership. On January 1, we decided to blog daily as a way to journey through, and maybe even cope in our extremely divisive society. We wrote a book in 6 weeks and we wanted to find a way to reunify our […]

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