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According to wiki, “In jazz and R&B, riffs are often used as the starting point for longer compositions”. In our case, we’d like to think of them as the starting point for random stories. This could be the random section where even whining is allowed. Heck, it could eventually turn into a song.

Someone Wins and Someone Loses #nomoreparticipationawards #JAJance

I attended a fundraiser on Veteran’s Day where author JA Jance gave a wonderful keynote that included some laughter and tears, and a side remark about the election. It was brilliant, and I’m compelled to try to paraphrase it here. “Dear Millennials, we know you are the generation who received participation awards at every turn. Well I’m sorry […]

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Forgetting How to Be Human #forgottenhumanity #humankindness

People have forgotten how to be human in many ways. And when I say human, I mean kind. And wrapped into kindness are things like trust, empathy, compassion, attention (listening) and generally giving a crap about others. So, when I preach to parents why I think we are all (yes me too) way too focused […]

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What Next

It’s hard to find and follow a thread of hope weaving in and out of the every day. Especially when we have so much tugging at us. Our little ones who need more than hugs and kisses. Our fears of losing more than we can imagine. Our high-risk jobs, with variable income. And of course, our diminishing bank accounts as […]

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