#RPCL Log Date Aug 2, 2017 #BeingHuman #GiveYourSubconsciousPermission #recoverfromfailures #learnandrecover

So much of what we do is in our subconscious. The other day a parent mentioned how daunting it is to discipline her children based on research that shows that what we do or say wrong may affect the brain negatively. Here’s what I think: Don’t Overthink it! Anything a loving parent can say or do, when there is humility and apology, cannot cause damage in a way that an abused child might endure. Not saying that we should strive for mediocrity. But common sense has got to kick in. And so does that part of the brain that holds a lot of our personal history as adults, our subconscious.

A nagging voice asking us to be better parents can sometimes get in the way of being better parents, or better leaders. So let it go. Fail fast, recover, and don’t make the same mistakes.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it: Give your subconscious permission to successfully learn and recover from failures. #beinghuman #recoverfromfailures #learnandrecover

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