#RPCL Log Date Aug 6, 2017 #BeingHuman #startnow #dontwait #breathe

This weekend, our plate is full. My husband is on one coast and I’m on the other.

My brother just turned a certain age. My mother celebrates her 70+ birthday. My mother-in-law celebrated another year. Family and friends gathered for my college soul mate’s memorial. And my father-in-law’s memorial is tomorrow.

Instead of Four Weddings and a Funeral it’s three birthdays and two memorials.

The passing of time gives us a moment to stop breathlessly and look at ourselves. Are we living our dreams? Are we figuring out our paths? Can we handle the seasons of our lives, asks Stevie Nicks in her song Landslide?

Your mission, if you choose to accept it: Don’t wait ’til tomorrow. Start now. Time is too unpredictable to assume that you’ll have the same chance. #breathe #startnow #dontwait #notuntiltomorrow #takepause

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