#RPCL Log Date December 29, 2017 #beinghuman #FindTheBeauty #MakeLifeBeautiful

Today was one of those days when I listened to Ennio Morricone and felt solemn. When I listen to classical music, it transports me back in time. Both parents still love music. My mom sang in night clubs throughout Asia with her father ordained the Louis Armstrong of Asia on his saxophone when she was as young as 16.

My father would play everything from Chopin to Hank Williams (and make us sit quietly to concentrate on the beautiful story of each piece). We would sing songs in the car, and it was such routine that going for a Sunday ride was a form of church for us (although we also had plenty of mass).

Music has been a lyrical part of my emotional journey throughout childhood and adulthood. It can still carry my mood into sadness just as quickly as it might turn my mood on a dime to joy or laughter. I find that music can be medicine, too.

As complex is music is, there is so much beauty made. Just as life. Life is beautiful- and it’s up to us to find and make the beauty. Whether it’s through an art form or via our passion at home or work.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it: Find the beauty in and around you. #makelifebeautiful #findthebeauty

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