#RPCL Log Date December 30, 2017 #beinghuman #nofilter #renew #turnoveranewleaf #becurious #leavenostoneunturned

It’s time to say good bye to 2017.  At the start of each year, renewal is top of mind for me.

Many of us have felt our values under assault for every single day of 2017. And it’s true that human beings want to find a savior – it’s a myth, really. Whether that savior is in the form of celebrity, CEO, President of a country, pastor or a deity, we are hard wired to believe in something greater than ourselves. And we want to follow someone or some notion that this greatness will lead us to our destiny of greatness.

By that measure, the bar can be as high or low as every individual. For some, Hannity may be the evangelist preaching some gospel to believe. For others, the president is carrying forth selfless acts because, “hey, he has enough so he knows better than to take the whole damn pie”.

Irrespective of the desire for humanity to be rescued, one thing is certain. Change. Change is beckoning.

So be curious and find out what’s next for you, by creating it. Don’t wait for the all mighty and powerful to rescue you. Find your own path. Make it. And leave no stone unturned along the way.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it:  Leave no stone unturned in 2018. Be so curious you want to investigate what lies beneath, and further understand the filters people in power use when telling you their truth. Maybe it’s time to stop looking for a savior and start being one for yourself. #nofilter #nostoneunturned #renew  #turnoveranewleaf #becurious #leavenostoneunturned

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