#RPCL Log Date October 9, 2017 #BeingHuman #beresilient #Dontbehardened #hardlife #resilience

I was watching a fantastic video of a woman on Humans of NY who was talking about how she’s always had to look after number one. The nuance I read in her story is that she lived a very hard life. Indeed her hard shell clearly protected a vulnerability that may have been exploited in her life and so she decided that she couldn’t rely on anyone else but herself.

I had mixed feelings about her video. I was sad to see her hidden pain – a pain that seemed so lost behind her woven yet authentic tale, that I wondered what pain it fraught in herself or how it impacted in others. And I was glad to see she was a survivor. Someone who was resilient through and through.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it: Be Resilient, Not Hardened by Life. #BeResilient #DontBeHardened #HardLife #Resilience



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