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I remember when I was young and enthralled by the movie Karate Kid. I loved the idea of a little old Asian guy being this wise martial arts teacher in my life, teaching me to slay with my awesome newly found skills.

Well that dream never happened back then. But when I look at my acupuncturist, it’s kind of happening now. She told me today that the three body zones that are most affected by emotions for women are breast, ovaries and thyroid.

“That’s why women who have a lot of stress may get disease in these areas”, she said.

Hmmm… no one ever told me that before. And yet it makes sense.

“So that’s why Chinese say not to get too emotional and to stay calm”, she continued.

Wow. Okay then, more self talk. Calm down. Karate chop your stress away.

Your mission to achieve Superhumanness: Slay Stress. Karate chop your stress away. And remember, stress can cause disease. So detox away.

Be kind along the journey and remember, you got this!

#slaystress #slay #detox #selfcare #armorup #yougotthis #karatechop

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