Superhuman Log Date February 9, 2018 #beinghuman #beingsuperhuman #makelifehappen #refuelwithintention #values #purpose #barnraising #armorup #yougotthis

As we amble through our lives and look for meaning, we mostly treat our sense of purpose like a sugar high. When the endorphins are on, we feel great. We feel valued and rewarded. We feel smug. And when it’s over, we are back to ambling and not living intentionally.

The short lived sugar rush eventually requires us to refuel, but we often look in the grocery store and not in our own mental cupboard to see what’s missing or how to refill the tank in more sustainable ways than sugar. That’s where meaning comes in. Time to create your mission in life beyond what someone tells you to do, especially if they tell you to be angry and hateful.

Your mission to achieve Superhumanness: Don’t let life idly happen. Make it intentionally happen for your sake, and the sake of others. Refuel with community and #barnraising. You can and do bring value beyond your existence. Let that value fuel you more than a sugar rush.

#makelifehappen #refuelwithintention #values #purpose #barnraising #armorup #yougotthis

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