Superhuman Log Date January 6, 2018 #beinghuman #beingsuperhuman #emotionalagilityisselfcare

If there is one thing I have started to better identify, it’s my own emotional agility. By that, I mean I am able to recognize and then manage or suppress the rising fear in my stomach when my inner saboteur is telling me I’m no good, or to blame, or undeserving.

This does not mean I’ve mastered it, but it means I’m mostly self aware when it happens so I can address it or shift my mindset to one of hope or optimism. Managing fear is never easy. But the first step is to identify the triggers that cause panic, stress or anxiety.

This is a super important thing to do as a leader – work toward understanding your emotional agility. It’s one way to avoid overreacting to fear, or being paralyzed by fear. But by better managing it, you can be the leader others need you to be, by making quick yet thoughtful decisions when duty calls.

Your mission to achieve superhumanness: Manage your fear. Don’t let your fear manage you Start with being agile about how you address your negative emotions!

Be kind along the journey and remember, you got this.

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