Avoiding Hotel California

Remember those famous lyrics from the Eagles, You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave?

As a manager, how do we avoid giving our employees the feeling that they are on one yellow brick road, and it’s called Hotel California?

At Company Z, I was informed by my youngest colleague that she wants to go back to school and might leave in two years. I was glad she could be so open. And it had me thinking back to some earlier posts about this topic. Read more here.

It also had me thinking about our project and how we are going to address the tool kit for managers – in the context of our workshops. So, this is something I think we can start to build.

Brainstorm: Do we offer Manager/Colleague curricula?

What if we created a type of collage or mood board that represents each party? What if we looked at branding the departments within an organization (sort of the Fishtales story), featuring their distinct vision and goals? For our team at Company Z, we want to share our “brand voice” with the rest of the organization to convey who we are, who we are not, and how we can be of better service to all of the organization.

What do you think? Doable? Want to learn more about the process?

Once we talked about some of this with my youngest colleague, she was starting to think about staying longer…






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