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Creating meaningful conversations around work situations. With enough interest, these might turn into community chats at a local coffee shop.

Superhuman Log Date February 15, 2018 #beinghuman #beingsuperhuman #selfblame #nomore #innercaretaker

Everyone has a story of hitting an emotional wall. But I’m finding it uncanny when I’m watching it happen to so many amazing people around me. We’re a bunch of smart, driven and talented hot messes. I have to wonder, has this current administration put a damper on our psyche? So this story is one […]

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Forgetting How to Be Human #forgottenhumanity #humankindness

People have forgotten how to be human in many ways. And when I say human, I mean kind. And wrapped into kindness are things like trust, empathy, compassion, attention (listening) and generally giving a crap about others. So, when I preach to parents why I think we are all (yes me too) way too focused […]

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Lopsided Loyalty

I was scanning my instagram feed when I saw a picture of something that triggered work-anxiety. My past client posted an image and it reminded me of my lopsided loyalty. It’s clear now that it was one way – not balanced. And I was immediately flooded with sadness. Holding back tears, my voice was gruff as […]

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As a consultant, working with a final decision maker is a hell of a lot easier than someone who is fulfilling a role of authority, but isn’t really empowered. How can it be that someone can be deemed responsible, but really isn’t? It happens all the time. I posted earlier about how some project managers are glorified […]

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