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#TheLostGenerationX – #AllEyesOnMillennials

Ever read the book “A Moveable Feast” by Ernest Hemingway? He demured in Paris in the 1920’s, with the likes of Gertrude Stein, Ezra Pound and F.Scott Fitzgerald. This group of literary geniuses was also known as La génération perdue = The Lost Generation. Similar to Gertrude Stein’s self proclamation during a depressed time after […]

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When Magic Happens

I have been living a dream these past two days. All because it was decided that I would not be working for anyone within a corporate structure for a while – maybe never again. And suddenly the world of possibility just opened it’s giant arms and welcomed me in. It’s at those moments when you […]

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Drawing a Line in the Sand

At what point are you crossing the line between professional roles? Between taking care of you vs your co-worker or boss? I think I cross the line over and over again.  I continue on with the best intentions, never mind the backlash, fatigue or general suffering. If you’ve followed the course of my exit plan, […]

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The Exit Speech (to my boss)

One thing I’ve learned about myself. I have to decide my message, and stay on message. If I get sloppy and deviate, I pay for it later. My head and heart take over, and suddenly I’m blurting out things I can’t believe keep flowing from my mouth like water. And then… oops. What was I […]

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