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It’s a touchy subject in the workplace.

If there is no trust, then it doesn’t get to a very productive or even emotionally good place.

I’ve come to realize that some people choose to shut out feedback – in which case it could be about not trusting themselves, their response or how they rebound from negative input.

I suppose it ties to fear and insecurity at a very deep level of not being good enough. For some reason, some of us build more resilience than others – this I’m trying to better understand as a parent. I want to ensure my children are resilient.

I can imagine for some, that negative feedback reinforces an internal slayer and makes us feel even less productive as members of society. Those who have enough battle scars can rebound faster.

So how do you prepare for feedback from a boss, peer, employee, customer, partner, spouse if you try to avoid feedback? There is no easy way – but the best thing you can do is to armor up. Get self curious. Be okay with imperfect.

Your mission to achieve Superhumanness: Welcome constructive feedback. Be okay with imperfect. You can rebound and grow from negative feedback. Don’t let it define you. And don’t settle for labels – dig deeper to understand and assimilate your own meaning in your own words (not using someone else’s labels). I tend to be wide open to negative feedback from others when it comes from a place of good intention. If it’s only an attack, then it serves no other purpose than to harm, and it becomes a waste of energy.

Be kind along the journey and always remember, you got this!

#reboundfromfeedback #reboundfromnegativity #negativefeedback #feedback #resilience #armorup #yougotthis #beinghuman


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