Why I Envy Stay-at-home Moms

Not to make it too personal, and not to rift on moms who stay home to be with their kids, but I want to address a huge green-eyed monster in my life. I utterly envy yummie mummies. I aspire to be a yummie mummie. As much as I love my husband, sometimes I want a wife, too, who can clean, cook, run errands, organize, walk the dog and give me every waking moment at home with my kids and husband without the daily stress of these things, and more.

As a working parent, it’s never easy to watch things over the other side of the white picket fence without a nudge of jealousy. Friends ask if i could ever be a stay-at-home mom. Before I answer, they’ve usually answered for me.

You could never be one. You’re way too… (and adjectives like entrepreneurial or type A might finish the sentence).

Honestly, I think I could be. Especially days when I watch my kids grow up before my eyes and feel I am missing out on some important milestones, every day.


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