Unlearning Patterns

I know you are thinking it, and it’s probably true. About time that honeymoon period is over at work.

I’ve been on a five month sprint, barely resurfacing for air and really feeling so lucky to be at my new company, that I’ve been in denial of the office power structure. But I have to admit, as much as there are kinks in the system, I still want to pinch myself for being in such an amazing place. And I’m still unlearning behavior, trying not to be the root of a problem at work.

A few days ago, for a girls night out, I said to my friends, “let’s all unlearn one bad pattern”. We all conversed about patterns, not enough drinking, too much drinking, not drinking in front of the kids, drinking in front of the kids (okay, we are fairly fluent in all things alcohol). For me, I am trying to really stop over-achieving at work. I have been a shining super star (well, in my personal opinion!), only to later be able to take time off for my kids. I’ve been over committing and over delivering, to the point where my boss really said he’d like me to slow down (not in those words), but I’ve felt the need to over compensate now, so I can get personal time later, guilt free.

I’m sure it’s a pattern that can go on and on for some of us, but now it’s time I slow down. For real. What about you? Have a pattern you’d like to unlearn?

Agent M

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