Me, Impostor?

I’ve been reading about Portlandia a lot lately and have been utterly inspired. This quote had my wheels turning about a few things and I want to share them with you. Carrie Brownstein, in an interview on NPR, was explaining how they got their start. Two friends with imagination, creativity (not to mention past success) […]

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When Knowing Too Much Can Create Doubt

I used to run a company – about 10 years ago. I worked for bazillion-aires as the CEO, but ended up the ‘doer’ whilst these big dreamers would endlessly throw out ideas. It was exhausting. But I learned so much about leadership and expectations and limitations. I learned quickly how to hire and fire, become […]

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Colleagues Seeking Advice

When a valuable employee approaches you (as an indirect manager) about leaving with no definitive timeline, what do you do? Help them put their exit plan in place? Tell their manager? As an outspoken advocate of freedom (flexibity) at work and employee empowerment, I suppose it’s no wonder why employees have sought my advice on […]

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Fierce or Chicken?

How often do you have extremely polite conversations with someone at work about a controversial topic, that then turns into email-war? There are two words that come to mind: chicken shit.  I realize that this falls under the “emotional honesty” category of trends in 2011 and 2012. So here I am, calling a spade a […]

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When is it OK to be an Impostor?

Agent M1’s post about using someone else’s voice (or wanting to) got me wondering… are there times when it IS productive to try to emulate someone else?  There are times when I do… In the course of my career/working life/whatever, I’ve been lucky enough to have worked for 2 managers that I really respect, NS […]

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