#RPCL Log Date December 31, 2017 #beinghuman #achievesuperhumanness #superhumanness #2018 #BeInspired #betterhumanbetterleader

Here’s a year in review for what we’ve accomplished and what’s next for Covert Leadership.

On January 1, we decided to blog daily as a way to journey through, and maybe even cope in our extremely divisive society. We wrote a book in 6 weeks and we wanted to find a way to reunify our communities and extreme tribalism to embrace one nation – not segregation.

We called this #RPCL – Covert Leadership’s Reunification Project. And it has been cathartic. We’ve heard folks say:

“You were like a shining light for me, and helped me to decide to quit my job when it became burdensome, to pursue my passion”. P.G.

“I love the Covert Leadership quotes. They hit home every time. I am director of a medical group and I take many of the posts to heart and try to remember them in my role as a leader. They also help in my personal life”. T.S.

“Perfect timing. I needed that”. J.B.

“Couldn’t love this more if I tried”. K.D.

“Your quotes always seem to speak to me directly”. C.R., P.O. 

If 2017 has been about coping, then 2018 is about the next step along the journey – empowerment. Giving yourself permission to be a hero and achieve superhumanness.

We are slightly adapting our Covert Leadership mission – from “your mission, if you choose to accept it” to “your mission to achieve superhumanness”.

So your mission, if you choose to accept it: Be Inspired to achieve Superhumanness in 2018.

#BeInspired #AchieveSuperhumanness #BeaHero #BeingHuman #BetterHumanBetterLeader

And please continue to follow our posts, write back, and accept the daily challenge to achieve your superhumanness.

Hopefully our posts speak to you as much, if not more, in 2018.

Game on.

Agent M1

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