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#RPCL Log Date December 31, 2017 #beinghuman #achievesuperhumanness #superhumanness #2018 #BeInspired #betterhumanbetterleader

Here’s a year in review for what we’ve accomplished and what’s next for Covert Leadership. On January 1, we decided to blog daily as a way to journey through, and maybe even cope in our extremely divisive society. We wrote a book in 6 weeks and we wanted to find a way to reunify our […]

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#RPCL Log Date December 28, 2017 #beinghuman #Don’tTakeLifeSoSeriously #Don’tTakeYourselfSoSeriously

Life is no picnic. Not sure where that saying came from, but it’s obvious. So life is confusing, people are frustrating, politics are maddening, yada yada yada. Time to find and create levity when it feels so heavy. Your mission, if you choose to accept it: Don’t take life so seriously. Be serious about your […]

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