Common Misunderstandings

Yesterday was probably the worst day I’ve experienced at my new job so far. My boss wanted to share a chart with me that showed our process and, as he walked through where we (my group) fit in, my eyes stopped at two words written in bold. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. My mind shut down and my fingers tingled. I needed to sit.
After stewing for 24 hours, he called me in to his office. I planned exactly what I was going to say. But then I opened my mouth — and other things came out.
Ultimately it was a bad misunderstanding. Thankfully I misinterpreted the info graphic.
And he was completely understanding, supportive and calm even when I wasn’t.

For the share, here are some of my blatherings, to which my boss really just listened. He never reacted. He was amazing, and really concerned that I took things the wrong way.

When I am passionate and love my job, it never feels like too much work. Whereas when I thought my job was 100% sales, I couldn’t imagine writing another proposal.

On the one hand we operate as if we are entrepreneurial, but we seem to have a corporate hangover.

I knew your stance on my role, but it was never mentioned that others might feel the same. If there are sandbox issues then we need to address the big elephant. Or maybe I’m not the right fit.

The hard part is that we are all contributors to the insufferable human condition in the work place. On the one hand we can all be selfish, yet we try to balance it with care for the greater good of the company.

What about you? Have you experienced misunderstandings at work, and lost sleep unnecessarily?

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