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#RPCL Log Date July 11, 2017 #BeingHuman #ExistentialCrisis #ChangeYourConquest #EmotionalFulfillment

We were having dinner with friends when I was describing a recent story from a therapist about his clients who are stuck 40-something male (company name here) employees seeking counseling. (You can probably insert software or other companies too, but in his case it was all one software company). They can’t quit. The money is too good. […]

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Lopsided Loyalty

I was scanning my instagram feed when I saw a picture of something that triggered work-anxiety. My past client posted an image and it reminded me of my lopsided loyalty. It’s clear now that it was one way – not balanced. And I was immediately flooded with sadness. Holding back tears, my voice was gruff as […]

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What Next

It’s hard to find and follow a thread of hope weaving in and out of the every day. Especially when we have so much tugging at us. Our little ones who need more than hugs and kisses. Our fears of losing more than we can imagine. Our high-risk jobs, with variable income. And of course, our diminishing bank accounts as […]

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