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Fierce or Chicken?

How often do you have extremely polite conversations with someone at work about a controversial topic, that then turns into email-war? There are two words that come to mind: chicken shit.  I realize that this falls under the “emotional honesty” category of trends in 2011 and 2012. So here I am, calling a spade a […]

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Believe in Your…

Ever have one of those days when you are sitting in a brainstorm meeting and suddenly a thought or phrase jumps at you (but you can’t always say it out loud)? Well, the phrase that jumped out at me was “believe in your own b.s.” Confidence reigns at work, and Steve Carrell in “Office” shows […]

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The Dreaded Performance Review

Have you had your performance review yet this year? At my place of employment, it’s that time of year. And, in normal times when folks are hopeful, there is something appealing about that opportunity to check off the boxes and say “here’s what I’ve done, exceeding all expectations”. But in our situation, we haven’t had […]

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Reviews about Reviews

So the day ends like this. I’m sitting down with a co-worker and he has a hint of a smile on his face. The kind of expression that says there’s a story to tell.  So I mention to him that it’s coffee time and would he like to join me? He nods and we quietly […]

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Quieting Your Mind

Do you have a mantra that keeps you going in your life?  When I was learning to swim to compete in my first Danskin triathlon, I was really, I mean really afraid of the open water. I was so fearful, in fact, I would dream of drowning every night after I’d had a swim lesson. […]

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How can we get through our work week?

Ever have the feeling of foreboding on a Sunday eve about going back to the grind on Monday morning? How do you handle getting through your work week? Maybe it’s a glass of wine when the day is done, or a nice tall gin and tonic on Sunday night to quiet your mind. Maybe it’s […]

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