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Someone Wins and Someone Loses #nomoreparticipationawards #JAJance

I attended a fundraiser on Veteran’s Day where author JA Jance gave a wonderful keynote that included some laughter and tears, and a side remark about the election. It was brilliant, and I’m compelled to try to paraphrase it here. “Dear Millennials, we know you are the generation who received participation awards at every turn. Well I’m sorry […]

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A client of mine recently reminded me why it’s important to take care of myself first. He said ‘it’s like the spiel they give you on airplanes in case of emergency. You put the mask on yourself first, before turning to your children or partner”. What a great analogy. I can finally give myself permission […]

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Memorial Day #Rituals

When I was young, I remember collecting flowers from the back yards of family to assemble bouquets. We would go to my grandparent’s yard to collect peonies, my aunt D’s yard to collect mums and roses, our yard for lilacs and baby’s breath. My aunt D would spearhead the operation. My mom, sister and I gladly participated. […]

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