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#RPCL Log Date Aug 16, 2017#BeingHuman #NeverStopTrying #EnjoyLife

There are days when I feel like I simply cannot accomplish anything. And then there are those when I cross off so many things from my list, that my head whirls from excitement. Thankfully today was one of the latter. Because I am so generally bad at celebrating the little victories, after getting done with my last task I decided to […]

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Forgetting How to Be Human #forgottenhumanity #humankindness

People have forgotten how to be human in many ways. And when I say human, I mean kind. And wrapped into kindness are things like trust, empathy, compassion, attention (listening) and generally giving a crap about others. So, when I preach to parents why I think we are all (yes me too) way too focused […]

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More on Life Balance

I love being on a plane.  I’m not talking about going someplace.  I mean actually sitting inside in the airplane.  I especially love those long haul flights leaving in the mid-morning, when I’m wide-awake and well rested. Being on a plane gives me guilt-free time to do nothing that is “obligatory” (particularly if I’m traveling […]

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